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Expertise refers to the ability to write content by someone who has the necessary credentials, education, and qualifications.

Google generates 500 to 600 algorithms per year. The key to ensuring that your websites rank consistently is having a team SEO specialists. Jason Suli, Digital Marketing has the systems that will make it possible.

SEO is not complete without blogs. You can think of blogs as fishing rods. The more fishing rods you have, the more fish will you catch. Blogs allow you to use long tail-keywords and low-competitive keywords. These keywords generate more traffic and increase your revenue. Your keywords compete with each other are driving you to Google’s first page.

Blogs are one of the most essential factors of SEO. Think of blogs as fishing rods in the water. The more rods you have out, the more fish you’ll get. Blogging lets you use low-competitive and long tail-keywords. These keywords produce more traffic and an increase in revenue. All the while, your competitive keywords are pushing you to Google’s first page.

small business consultant brisbane

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